SMS Control Center

The easiest way to send and receive SMS!

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Application Window

In the SMS Control Center explorer you will find all your SMS in the inbox, sent and deleted items. All folders are syncronized automatically when the application is started up. When you select an item it is fully displayed, including smileys and contact pictures, in the lower part of screen.

                The Conversation view - chat style

                The Conversation view - balloons style

                Notifications Panel with action buttons to call,      send text replies and to delete the SMS

Send SMS
Easily create and send SMS to any number of receivers from your desktop. Choose contacts from device, Outlook, your favorites or latest used contacts. You can also send group messages. If you like you can request a delivery report to make sure the message is delivered to the receiver. When the message has been sent it is moved to the sent items folder.
Create Rules
Create your own rules for incoming SMS. You can create any number of rules and each rule can handle one, many or all numbers. The rules you can use are:
  • Send e-mail to (internet connection required)
  • Reply with a text
  • Forward and SMS
  • Launch an application
  • Show message in fullscreen
  • Move message to a folder
  • Play a sound file
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